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Maureen McConaghy, Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Defence Lawyer for Calgary and surrounding area. Your strongest possible defence.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Services

At McConaghy Law, Maureen McConaghy, Q.C. provides experienced, expert criminal defence. Maureen also has valuable Crown Experience

Experienced Counsel

With over 30 years experience as a criminal lawyer in Calgary, Maureen McConaghy, Q.C. handles all criminal and drug cases. Experience is essential when you choose a criminal defence lawyer. She has appeared at all levels of courts in Alberta. She has an impressive track record. Maureen is known for her tough defence and high standards for each and every client. She strives for excellence. She aggressively works to protect her client's rights and preserve their freedoms. Read more about Maureen's experience as a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Former Prosecutor

As a former Prosecutor, Maureen has worked both sides. She understands the system. She is a skilled trial lawyer. She uses this unique experience to craft a strategy especially for you, to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


In addition to her extensive experience in criminal defence, Maureen McConaghy, Q.C. represents her clients with integrity and honesty. You can trust her.

Client Centered

Maureen handles all aspects of your criminal defence case from start to finish. She is committed to providing you with personalized representation. She will explain the processes of criminal defence to you to help you understand what you are facing. She will personally analyze your case and meet with you to discuss your options and assist you in making informed decisions. Her goal is to help you regain control of your life.

Flexible Payment Options

Maureen offers flexible payment options to her clients. Maureen offers bundled and unbundled services to assist you.

Call today — don't delay!

Call today for a free consultation. Don't delay. Delay can often work against you.


Mental Health Law

Maureen McConaghy, Q.C. is also an experienced mental health lawyer who regularly appears before the Mental Health Review Board and Mental Health Review Panels in Calgary.

Maureen comments on the Matthew de Grood case, as he is about to appear before the Alberta Review Board (ARB) at the Calgary Courts Centre for a hearing. (Global News, July 11, 2016).
Read the article.

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Contact Maureen today for a free consultation. Don't delay. Delay can often work against you.

Maureen McConaghy, QC


3553 – 31 St NW, #704
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Maureen McConaghy, QC


3553 – 31 St NW, #704
Calgary, AB T2L 2K7




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